Have a Good One!

This morning, an elderly couple approached me in the hallway.

“Honey, can you help us find this?” the woman inquired, reaching out a tremulous hand with her instructions for reporting to her endoscopy appointment.

I smiled and waved them on, taking a few steps down the hall to point them to the Endoscopy suite.

“Thank you so much,” she nodded, retrieving her paper from my hand.

“Anytime,” I responded. “Have a good one!”

…it took me an entire flight of stairs to realize what I’d just said.


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Medical Mondays and the One Where He’s Perceptive

“Good morning, Mr. B!” My resident announces our presence to our elderly, slightly demented patient. He’s been there for the better part of a week with a now improved acute kidney injury, but somehow I haven’t managed to meet this patient until today.

The patient pauses, his glance darting from my resident to me and back, eyes widening in surprise. “…TWO doctors? Two of them?” he asks incredulously, voice booming.

I smile and reach to shake his extended hand. “Not quite, Mr. B. He’s the only doctor for now. I’m just learning!”

Mr. B nods. “Just learning, I see. I see. God bless you, just learning!”

My resident’s eyes meet mine. “Yes, but she’ll be a great doctor someday.”

I pause, hoping that I’m not actually blushing.

Mr. B shoots alternating looks at the two of us again as my resident listens to his lungs. “Hey,” he says, focusing on me. “Is this your boyfriend?”

I watch color flood into my (admittedly very attractive) resident’s cheeks. “No, sir,” I respond. “He’s been a great teacher, though.”

Mr. B lets out a sigh. “Too bad. You’d make a great husband-wife team.”

I glance up at my resident, whose eyes betray his inward laughter and we exchange our usual smirks. And just for a moment, I wonder if that patient has caught on to something we haven’t.


I can’t believe it’s already another Medical Monday. Time has been absolutely flying this year!

To old friends: welcome back! Thanks for bearing with me and my spotty posting habits; I promise I haven’t forgotten about you!

To any new visitors: Hello and welcome! I’m K, a third year medical student, currently slugging my way through my Internal Medicine rotation. Somehow, I find myself with a mere six weeks left of third year, and fourth year cannot come soon enough… although I wouldn’t mind a little more time to figure out what residency to choose!

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