The One Where I Made Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade.

When life pushes you over during your track meet, you’re supposed to do the worm.

When life gives you surgical subspecialty in July, you’re supposed to whine and act like the world is going to implode for approximately 24 hours, and then buck up and assemble the best damn schedule a fourth year medical student could ask for.

As you might recall, last week, I was throwing a bit of a tantrum:

I realized I was being more than a little bit ridiculous, mostly because “surg sub” isn’t nearly as hellacious as the third year surgery clerkship in terms of hours and expectations. Many of the specialties do not even require pre-rounding, an annoying practice in which medical students are expected to arrive at the hospital even earlier than 6:00 AM rounds to ask their patients the same questions the residents will ask at 6:00 AM. And most of them don’t round at 6:00 AM.

Every medical student on pre-rounds.

…and I purposely didn’t take anesthesia during my third year so that I could enjoy the cakewalk that is a medical student anesthesia rotation next year. (7:00 AM – 2:00 PM shift with enough coffee breaks to last a year, here I come!)

So you know what, classmates? Forget snatching up all the good electives before this girl gets there, because I’m going to plan the rest of my awesome fourth year, poorly timed surg sub or not!


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