Happies and Crappies: Neurology Week 3

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

The Happies:

1. I am having SUCH a blast doing inpatient neurology at the local VA. They pack four patients into the same room, and the room that my assigned patient is in is full of the nicest gentlemen I could ask for. Even though I’ve only been formally introduced to my own patient, they all greet me by name and strike up a conversation… it really helps to make the day better.

2. My lack of confidence in note-writing has been restored this week… my chief resident has been doling out a lot of compliments for my note-writing, and I’m so grateful to know that with a little effort I’m right where I should be. Or else my chief has lower expectations than the clerkship director. Hmm.

3. I passed my surgery shelf exam, even with significantly less study time than past shelf exams!

4. I discovered this, which may or may not nullify my Blogilates progress, but Nutella just might be worth it.

The Crappies:

1. My neurology shelf exam is coming faster than I can handle… it’s next Friday, and I’ve got a tight schedule this week with life-things. If only life drama hadn’t kept me from learning neuro well as a second year!

2. I have to take neurology call this weekend, even though it’s the weekend before the test. And I have the attending who has a reputation for being disrespectful of people’s time.

3. I had to respectfully decline an invitation that read as such: “Hello. Welcome to D’s Birthday, secret edition. The party is still this weekend, but tomorrow night, I’d like you to join me on a small adventure. Dress to walk outside and meet at XYZ location, and bring $10 to donate to the cause.”

4. My closet is currently an explosion of dirty laundry. And my apartment complex still doesn’t have a working dryer. And I have call this weekend and an upcoming exam. So uhh… these dress pants from the closet floor don’t look THAT bad… right?

Gearing up for a neuro-filled weekend, what with a call day and a study day… here’s hoping life doesn’t get TOO in the way.


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