The One Where I Worked Out in Heels

Broken record alert!

For probably at least the third time, possibly more, I’m going to talk about Blogilates. Because I’m obsessed and I want to share my excitement with you all. Because for once, I’m actually motivated to get fit, healthy, and strong. Because I’m finally not being a hypocrite when I encourage my patients to exercise more frequently. Because for the first time, I look forward to my workouts every day.

Yeah, you heard me. I’ve actually been excited to work out for the first time in my life, thanks to the adorably energetic Cassey Ho, Pilates instructor extraordinaire and host of the Blogilates workout videos.

Though let’s be serious: it’s absolutely a love-hate relationship. Countless dialogues progress as such:

Cassey: Just a few more!


Cassey: You should start to feel your thighs burning!

Me: What? Start? Are you serious?

Cassey: Get LOWER!

Cassey’s put me through five minutes straight of lunges, countless burpees, endless squats, and crunch after crunch after crunch. And just when I thought she’d put me through it all, she told me it was time to work out in these:



I know. I thought she was crazy, too. And I was terrified my roommates would come home to discover my mismatched gym-shorts/black pumps combo and I’d never live it down.

But I tossed my Vibrams to the side and donned my black pumps, terrified of the workout to come.

But thankfully (and I’d imagine purposefully)… there’s NO jumping.

So I panted through my plie squats.

plie squats

All workout images from the Blogilates website; click for full workout printable!

And I wobbled through my T squats.

T Squat

And I sweated through my lunges.Lunges

And I actually survived without any broken ankles or being busted in my ridiculous outfit by my roommates. The soreness the next day was far above that of my typical leg workout, so hopefully it’s actually working.  Plus, let’s be serious. It’s kind of fun to look in the mirror as you do the moves and imagine how awesome your legs are going to look in those heels once you’re done.

So seriously, if you find yourself wishing you could get into better shape but lacking the motivation, give Blogilates a shot. The best part is there’s dozens of videos of varying lengths, so even on days when you’re pressed for time, you can squeeze in a really effective 10 min work out. You can start crazy with the stiletto workout or start slow with some of the beginner’s videos.  But either way…




13 thoughts on “The One Where I Worked Out in Heels

  1. It think I may try that at home just around the time my husband is supposed to come home from work. I’m sure the visual would just make his day… LOL!

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