Happies and Crappies… Neurology Week 2

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

I came across this blog link-up on some of the other medical blogs I’ve been following, and I LOVE the idea. It’s such a great, yet simple, way to summarize each week. So without further ado…

The Happies:

1. Yesterday, I stepped out of a patient’s room to go find the attending, and just as I closed the door I overheard him say to his daughter, “That one’s going to make a very good doctor someday.”

2. My neurology clerkship has meant one thing, if nothing else: time to be me. It’s such a relief to spend time with friends, catch up with classmates, visit with a good friend’s baby who turned 9 months and transformed into a real, interactive, adorable person, and just have time for reading (I’ve finished 3 books in two weeks!), working out, cooking, and relaxing!

3. I’ve been working out 4-5 times a week, doing Pilates (from Blogilates)… and I can actually see a difference in my strength, coordination, and muscle definition after just 2 weeks.

4. I got to help the admissions office make phone calls to newly accepted students this week. It’s always so cute and so rewarding to hear how grateful they are to hear from a current student and be able to answer any questions they have.

5. After I spent a day assisting with botox injections, my attending declared that I have a “good way with the needle.” I’m not sure what that was supposed to mean, but I’m going to interpret it to mean that botox injections are a hidden talent of mine. That’s resum√© worthy, right?

The Crappies:

1. I found out recently that my three co-leaders for a student organization may all take next year off to do international research. I’m super excited for them, but incredibly overwhelmed at the prospect of tackling the entire leadership singlehandedly. Not to mention, I was considering going abroad for a block and I’m now feeling slightly limited in terms of those types of options… can’t leave the ship unattended!

2. Even though I’m more than halfway through my third year, I still haven’t learned to write the complex assessments and plans expected of me on neurology and soon on medicine. It’s unnerving to realize that I still have so much to learn on something so basic to medicine!

3. Though perhaps not crappy so much as terrifying, we had a class meeting to discuss planning our 4th years. I’m so overwhelmed with all of the options… what electives should I take? Or even more basic than that… what residency do I apply for?! Eeek!

Overall, I’m feeling so much more “me” on neurology, if only because I have time to be me. And that, in itself, makes any week happier.


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