Don’t Knock Again and Medical Monday

I reach over to percuss on each half of her abdomen: one-two, one-two. My eyes remained locked on her face, looking for any signs of increased tenderness that would indicate her bowel perforation has caused an infection of the fluid or membranes within her abdominal cavity.

Without wincing, her eyes meet mine. “You’d better not knock again.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Why not?”

“Because it would mean that you want me,” she announces, winking.

Glad to know her bowel perforation hasn’t infected her abdominal fluid or her sense of humor.


My apologies for my recent hiatus. My involvement on the trauma surgery service paired with the opportunity to travel home for a few days over Thanksgiving has left me with little time to eat, sleep, and shower, let alone blog. But this is my last week of trauma, and I’m very much looking forward to sharing all of the stories of the past month with you all the moment my schedule allows. 

In the meantime, you could head over to Your Doctor’s Wife and check out some other medical blogs on this Medical Monday! Or, if you happen to be visiting from Medical Mondays, welcome! I hope you enjoy the posts from this past summer and that you’ll join me for the rest of my medical journey. 🙂 


Until then,



8 thoughts on “Don’t Knock Again and Medical Monday

  1. I love it when I hear of patients with a sense of humor! Doc H used to have an eighty+ year old woman who would love to grab his ass whenever she was sedated. I was always promised a great story anytime she was due in for a follow-up!
    Great to see you on the grid again this month!

  2. I love stories about patients that make us giggle. I agree it is usually the old feisty ladies that have the best lines. Look forward to following your medical journey:) Found you via MMBH!

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