The One That Still Strikes Fear Into My Heart

I rarely study on my own campus. Something about watching other people study (or at least, pretend to study) the same things as me just gives me anxiety. Either that or I wind up having social hour with the eighteen classmates who I haven’t seen in months who just happen to be there.

But yesterday, I decided that since I was in the area, I’d study on campus. I walked into an empty classroom to find THIS:


To this day, I still immediately cringe when I see this diagram, and I’m thrust back to my first year medical student days, before I’d embraced the glory of pass/fail, before I’d recognized that whatever I didn’t learn now, I’d learn twenty-seven more times in the next four years, before I’d adjusted my study strategies to be more amenable to medical school, before I’d ever survived the ominous “anatomy lab practicals.”

…I also become more than slightly disgusted with the fact that there is no way I’d be able to replicate this from memory now, just two years later.

Godspeed, MS 1’s. Godspeed.


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