The One with the Free Time

I’m on family medicine. It’s a wonderful vacation from waking up at 4:30 AM to prep for time in an OR into a world where I only work normal person hours and enjoy frequent three day weekends.

Last Thursday, a friend wished it were Friday. Then I realized that for me… IT WAS.

But, I’m on family medicine. It’s a rotation where literally ANYTHING can walk through the door, so it demands an extensive background knowledge of basically everything. It’s a field that gets a bad wrap for being “boring,” but realistically, I think these docs are quite possibly the more brilliant of the bunch. Sure, they don’t master the finer details of every single specialty, but I’d argue it’s almost harder to know something about everything and to be able to produce that knowledge immediately in that moment at the end of a visit when your patient murmurs, “Oh yes, Doctor, just one more thing.”

It’s intimidating. At least, it is to me, poring over my Pretest: Family Medicine text, constantly switching gears between learning the various types of arthritis, to diabetes drugs, to psychiatric disorders.

Just… breathe…


So, one would think that intimidation due to twice the usual amount of material to cover plus twice the usual amount of free time would equate to twice the amount of studying as compared to other blocks. Right?


With just a whisper of freedom, the must-be-involved-in-everything, never-sit-still part of me ignites, and my To-Do list crowds with side project after errand after catch-up dinner with friends.

Suddenly, my Google calendar is a rainbow of blocks reminding me of my intense new exercise regimen, the due date of my just-for-fun library books, countless dinner dates with friends I haven’t seen in months, and projects for the various student groups I’ve got a hand in, none of which seem remotely close to completion within this block.

And somehow, I find myself studying almost precisely the same amount I would have if I was on any other block.


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