The One with Bad Expectations

I feel like I quite frequently have this or a similar conversation:

Non-med Friend, T: So wait, how many of your classmates are coming with you to the picnic?

Me: Seven. There’s seven of us.

T: (jaw drops) Whoa! SEVEN doctors?

Me: No, no. Seven FUTURE doctors.

Other non-med friend, A: But you’ve all had different rotations, right?

Me: Well, yeah.

A: So if we get hurt or sick at the picnic, you guys can fix it.

Me: ….

really hope I never have to test this idea, because I’m haunted by the thought that I’ll discover firsthand exactly why medical training is SO excruciatingly long…


6 thoughts on “The One with Bad Expectations

    • One of the physicians at my school reminded us on our first day that we need to enjoy the next four years… because after that, we would no longer be able to tell our family members to “go talk to a REAL doctor.” 🙂

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