The One with the Duh Moment

Last year, during our rheumatology block, they brought in a bunch of patients with various diseases to tell us about their experiences living with their ailments and to welcome questions we had about their health care and their symptoms.

One particular patient had mentioned receiving a lung transplant, and one of my classmates raised her hand and asked:

“Did you have any pulmonary symptoms before your lung transplant?”

It still makes me chuckle to this day.


5 thoughts on “The One with the Duh Moment

    • Oh, I’m sure she is… One of the hardest things about third year is remembering what questions are important at what time… and what questions will make the patient look at you like you’re crazy!

  1. Ha! I, too, often laugh at the silly questions that are asked. Once, at a club meeting with residency directors, a student said, “I’m doing x and x research… is that good?” I guess being able to make fun of your classmates is an advantage to keeping a blog anonymous 🙂

  2. Clinical lectures where they have a pt and their family talk about dz, tx, how it’s impacted their lives, etc. After an hour of this, it’s time for questions, and this gets asked “So, how does this make you feel!?” SERIOUSLY!?!? lol

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