The One with Medical Mondays and the Blog-hop

So… I fail at doing this ON a Monday, but let’s be serious: what non-medical school related task actually gets done on time now that I’m a third year? (No, BESIDES eating more frozen yogurt than any normal person should.)

Anyway, point of the story: yesterday was a Medical Monday, so I’m paying it forward: you all should hop on over to Your Doctor’s Wife and to check out some other awesome medically related blogs.

Connecting medical blogs everywhere!

And for those of you who found me via the bloghop: welcome! I’m K, a third year medical student who attempts to post on a semi-regular basis when I’m not fulfilling food cravings, “studying,” reading, running… you get the idea. But luckily for you, I’m on family medicine right now, which means I have no excuses not to post. 🙂

Until then,



One thought on “The One with Medical Mondays and the Blog-hop

  1. Nice to find your blog! I’ll add it to the list of blogs I need to read when I need a break from the cranial nerves. (Oh wait. That was Friday. Yesterday was the anterior triangle of the neck.)

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