The One with the Intro

So… you found my blog. And I’m guessing you’ve got a few questions. Well, turns out, I’ve got a few answers.

1. Who are you anyway?

Well, I’m K. I am a third year medical student as of June working in an urban hospital in the USA and absolutely loving it. I also happen to have a soft spot for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Modern Family, frozen yogurt, having solo dance parties to 90’s music, and getting absurdly excited over the concept of glowing green kittens.

No, but really. Isn’t this adorable? (From Google Images)

2. Why are you writing this blog anyway?

My reasons are twofold: first, to keep up with family and friends, who have been amazingly supportive and who have every right to know what I’ve been up to while their emails, voice mails, and texts have accumulated unanswered. Second, I’ve found I have a lot to say about medicine, about patient encounters, and about life in general. If this serves any purpose to anyone else, whether it be entertainment, food for thought, or help navigating medical school, I’m so excited to have it do so. In the meantime, I get to combine two of the things I love: writing and medicine/helping people.

3. Why is this anonymous? Why can’t I know your name or where you are?

Because I’m a ninja.

Okay, so that and two other reasons. First is for the privacy of all involved. We all know about HIPAA, and though I don’t plan on saying anything that would violate any patient, provider, or otherwise, I would like to maintain as much distance from myself and my hospital as possible. Second, I want to remind everyone that medicine is universal. My experiences could happen anywhere, to anyone.

4. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Hah, now that’s a more complicated question than you would think. I’m always down for a soft-serve twist with rainbow sprinkles. But if we’re talking hard ice cream? Mint Oreo.

5. Can I ask you questions about medical school? Or life?

I can’t profess to know everything about life, so it’s your prerogative to trust me on that front. But med school… that I can help with. Get at me at:

6. What’s your blog name about?

Well, I/O stands for Ins and Outs, which is one of the most important factors to consider in a postoperative patient. Now, I have no real emotional tie to urine output, but I wanted a simple name that tied into medicine but also to the concept of this blog. Thus, I’s & O’s: The Ins and Outs of Life, Medicine, and This Girl’s Wandering Mind.

7. Wait… I’ve seen your title format before…

Yes. Yes, you have. All my thanks and love to the creators of Friends, the television show that’s been my procrastination tool of choice for much of my short medical career.

8. My sister/brother/cousin/mother/lawyer/neighbor has this weird pain on the left side of the elbow, but only on Tuesdays after eating tacos. Can you help me?

Oh, honey. Take two pills and call a REAL doctor.

And that’s that. Got more questions? Comment away!

Until then,



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